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We export and import copies

We export and import copies

We export and import copies

Who are we?

We are a kutamy export and import Company situated in the Netherlands. We have been trading since 1991,
We specialise in the resale of ex lease and repossessed office machines, namely photocopiers, laser printers and fax machines.

Why buy from us?

There are a number of reasons why people prefer to buy from us.

We buy machines

We can buy your secondhand machine all what you need is to contact us and we will be with you as soon as possible 

Onze diensten met afbeeldingen

Our prices

We are an agent for the leasing and finance companies meaning we are able to purchase machines at prices which allow us to resell them at incredible low prices, offering up to a massive 95% saving on their original recommended retail price when new. 

We honestly believe you will not find the same machines on the Internet at lower prices than ours.

Our reputation

In our time of trading we have established ourselves a nationwide customer base with a reputation of reliability, value and trust.

Our approach

When people come to us in search of a machine; we not only see them as a current customer but also as a possible future customer. In other words we want customers to be satisfied with our service, products and prices so as they will return to us for any future purchases they may wish to make. 

Because of this we do not employ any pressurising sales teams or techniques and we are proud that many of our sales come from returning satisfied clients and satisfied client recommendation.

Our knowledge

As previously said we have been trading in excess of 25 years and our knowledge of the machines we sell is second hand to new machines. When someone contacts us but is unsure of what machine will best suit their requirements, we are able to advise them by asking a series of questions regarding the expected day to day duties of the machine.

Even if a customer contacts us with a particular model in mind we will advise them of an alternative model if we believe it will better suit their requirements, even if our recommendation is cheaper than their original choice. We do not believe in selling people machines which they do not want or need.

Our after sales service

As previously said we treat each current customer as a possible future customer and we carry that philosophy forward to our after sales service. We are always here to offer you help and advice regarding your machine after you have made your purchase. We will never turn you away.

The quality of our machines

Although we sell finance repossessed machines; the bulk of our stock is ex lease machines which we purchase from one of the world’s largest leasing companies. When a machine is on a lease contract it is regularly serviced by the leasing company ensuring it is kept in perfect working condition.

In addition to this we employ fully qualified service engineers who service the machines and ensure they are in perfect condition prior to us offering them for sale, allowing you to buy with confidence and peace of mind. Any machine we take stock of which does not meet our high standards are either broken down for spares, or are scrapped completely.

Contact us if you need more information

We will reply as soon as possible.